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Nigel Andreola

Nigel Andreola

We publish music by Nigel Andreola. He focuses on using an eclectic array instruments to create original melodies and friendly music.

His music is made to appeal to all ages. It is perfect for the developing minds of young children. Every album and single features Nigel’s colorful illustrations.

Learn more about our songwriter/recording artist here: Nigel Andreola

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The Friendly Album Relaxing music for naptime and study By Nigel Andreola

The Friendly Album

Relaxing Music for Naptime, Crafting, Play and Study

By Nigel Andreola

Blending the rich tones of the cello with a flowing piano The Friendly Album will relax and entertain all ages. Inspired by the great composers of the romantic age, Nigel has created his own music without the tension sometimes found in the classics.
With 14 songs and 54 minutes of music this album is scientifically proven to lull Nigel’s toddler niece to sleep.

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