It Worked This Time!

It Worked This Time! Full Image by Nigel Andreola

“It Worked This Time!” is available on all major download and streaming services.

This song features the piano and two cellos playing together to create a relaxing happy experience.

Why did I call it “It Worked This Time!”?

Several years ago after purchasing new instruments and equipment, I followed the instructions and set it all up. It didn’t work. My keyboard would not connect. What could be wrong? I updated my MIDI drivers; no success. I made sure everything was plugged in and restarted my computer; still no luck. What could be wrong? I knew I had an old broken Yamaha cable somewhere, so I went and tried that. I worked! What? How can a broken cable work? Well, it turns out it wasn’t broken after all. It was simply incompatible with my Windows 7 machine. After Windows 10 came out, Yamaha released new drivers, fixing all incompatibles. To celebrate my success, I sat down at my keyboard and composed a song of triumph. Later, with advice from my cellist sister, I added two cello parts to complete the piece.

It Worked This Time! – Single

An original musical work by Nigel Andreola featuring the piano and two cellos. This song will calm your mind and relax your body.

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